Shotcut v22.10.25 免费开源跨平台的视频编辑器


Shotcut 是一款免费的开源跨平台视频编辑器,支持数百种音频、视频格式,以及编解码器,且无需等待导入,可直接剪辑。软件还拥有流畅、直观的界面,帮助用户更好的编辑音视频。Shotcut 主要可用来剪辑、合并视频的免费软件,可以添加音乐、音效与录音,并且支持滤镜、转场等功能。


打开 Shotcut 后,将视频文件导入,操作界面如下图所示:



整体软件只有一百来兆,相对于 PR 可以说是非常轻便了。


v22.10.25 主要修复一些 bug.

This is a hot fix for release 22.10 to reverse "Performance improvement in Timeline for when there is opaque clip on a track above another clip," which caused a change in behavior considered a bug.

v22.10.22 主要修复一些 bug.

New Bugs in v22.09.23

  • Fixed translations not updated.
  • Fixed crash in Size, Position & Rotate filter when size approaches zero, for example when editing a size numeric field.
  • Fixed bitrate in some Export presets such as VP8, VP9, D10, and XDCAM.
  • Fixed Timeline > Lift and Delete not working with no clip selected.
  • Fixed Transition > Properties resets the Invert and Softness options.

Old Bugs

  • Fixed an incorrect timecode appears at 2 minutes in 24 or 23.98 fps.
  • Fixed Timeline > Select Clip Above and Select Clip Below not working with no clip selected.
  • Fixed incorrect resulting aspect ratio when changing Export > Video > Resolution and pixel aspect ratio is not square.
  • Fixed Properties > Measure Video Quality on Windows.
  • Fixed Fade Out Video filter not working after trimming the in point.
  • Fixed updating an animation Properties > Duration after changed in Glaxnimate.
  • Fixed ripple trim on the in point of a clip that is at the very beginning (00:00:00:00) of the Timeline.
  • Fixed adjusting keyframes of the second clip when a trimming the in point of a transition.
  • Fixed Keyframes UI when using Timeline > Trim Clip In menu-item/action/shortcut (not interactive trim).
  • Fixed opening a MLT XML file with a % in its path or name.
  • Fixed keyframes after an undo and redo upon making a transition while trimming the in point of a clip.

Improvements and Changes

  • Finished the menu technology updates (marker context, rich text editor) that were mostly done in v22.09.23.
  • Added icons for the 360 video filters.
  • Performance improvement in Timeline for when there is opaque clip on a track above another clip.
  • Disallow allow adding Filters to a device or live input since this is not working and could interfere with integrity of capture.
  • Increased the maximum values in the Mask: Simple Shape > Horizontal and Vertical video filter.
  • Changing Timeline > Zoom no longer pauses playback.


Shotcut v22.10.25 免费开源跨平台的视频编辑器
软件简介 Shotcut 是一款免费的开源跨平台视频编辑器,支持数百种音频、视频格式,以及编解码器,且无需等待导入,可直接剪辑。软件还拥有流畅、直观的界面,……